A waste conscious packaging design for the Toronto-based Nadege Patisserie, known in particular for their macarons.

The package is designed with a clean, modern aesthetic in order to convey a sophisticated and luxurious message, with a diffused pattern of geometric shapes in their signature pink shade fading along the sides, like a gentle sigh.

There are two designs, not only for multiple macarons, but also single ones. Both are constructed from a single sheet of substrate and is held together without the use of adhesives to form a sturdy package around the delicate macarons.
The package for multiple macarons packs flat to conserve counter space and storage space in store, while simultaneously employing the use of a Himes closure to ensure that the package can pop open easily for the convenience of store employees. The package is cut from a single substrate and assembles easily without the use of adhesives, designed completely with the environment in mind.
Customers who are purchasing single macarons can still indulge and have the same luxurious experience with their single macarons as they are with boxes of multiple pastries. The single package protects the individual objects just as carefully as the larger boxes do several.