Created as a typographic experiment, Occultation is a laser-cut acrylic sculpture.

The project prompt came from one word, revolution, and could take any form.

The typeface was designed to resemble each letter being cast as a shadow of itself, dispersed across the bottom panel to spell out the word revolution. The second layer has a small area allowing only one letter to be revealed at a time. As the top panel, a laser-engraved moon, is rotated, it causes the middle panel to rotate too, revealing the letters in sequence. This action was then filmed and set to music which, too, revolves. In addition to using interlocking rhythmic patterns, the melodies phase together, mimicking the sculptureā€™s movements and starting and ending at different points. The chord sequence for the piece is of an asymmetrical length and seems to cycle endlessly, without a natural start or finish. The music, too, revolves.

Occultation - one celestial body obscures another.